EU4 The Grandest LAN Party 2024 Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General Rules The terms and conditions establish the rules for participating in an event called the EU4 Grandest LAN Party 2024 (henceforward referred to as “the Event”) organized by Ustrońskie Rarytasy Ltd owner of the brand Turbolarp. The terms and conditions mostly concern organisational matters and observing the terms and conditions will not adversely affect your experiences during the event. The Event is organised by Ustrońskie Rarytasy Ltd owner of the brand Turbolarp, seated in Ustroń, Dr. Michała Grażyńskiego 23 St., postal code 43-450. The company is filed in section VI of the Commercial Register at the Bielsko-Biała Regional Court under the KRS number 0000842879, tax identification number: 5482730678, REGON: 386123924. The company is henceforward referred to as “the Organiser” or “the Organisers.” E-mail address: The Event will take place at the Czocha Castle, in Leśna town, 1 Sucha St., postal code 59-820 Dolnośląskie voivodeship, (henceforward referred to as “Czocha Castle”) between 17th and 20th November 2024. The Event is not a mass event and is closed to the public. During the Event, the participants are subject to the terms and conditions of the Czocha Castle, parts of it modified by the Organisers. These terms can be read at the reception of the Castle, and will be available at the check-in. § 2 Participation The Event is available to participants who are at least 18 years old on 31st October 2024. Participation is only possible after purchasing a ticket via the online store. The store is available at the address: Tickets can only be purchased before the Event, and will not be sold on-site once the event starts. The tickets serve as confirmation of the participant's right to participate. When buying a ticket, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions of the Event, the Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions (this document). The Organisers inform that some of the Czocha Castle structures may render the site difficult to access for participants with disabilities. Full information on this subject can be obtained at the Castle's website, by calling the Castle Hotel reception desk, or by contacting the Organisers at During the Event, participants are not allowed to bring animals to the Czocha Castle. § 3 Tickets. The Practicality Form. The number of tickets is limited. Tickets are sold in the order in which the participants make purchase orders. There are 96 tickets available. Tickets come in digital form and are assigned to a specific name. The identity of the participants will be checked against the list of ticket purchasers. During the ticket purchasing process, the Organisers will collect personal data necessary to verify the identity of the purchaser and to effectively communicate with them. When purchasing more than one ticket, you must supply the Organisers with the contact information to every person planning to participate in the event, no later than 5 days after purchase. If we do not get the required information, we will email you. If the information is not supplied 10 days after purchase we will refund your ticket and offer the spot to another person. After purchasing the tickets, participants will be sent our Practicality Form to fill out. This Form will let you inform us about your preferences as to lodging, food etc. If the Form is not filled or the email is not replied to, we will send you an individual reminder. By not filling out the Practicality Form at all, you are agreeing to be randomly assigned to your room and other elements of the Event. The form is considered not filled if not sent back to the Organisers at least 30 days before the Event. The Organisers inform that they will strive to meet the expectations expressed by the participants in the Practicality Forms, but they are not mandated to do so. § 4 Refunds and Returns. All ticket sales are final: As tickets provide admission to a specific event, we regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds or accept returns. Once you have completed your purchase, the sale is considered final, and tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Exclusion of the 14-day withdrawal period: Please note that the statutory 14-day withdrawal period, which typically applies to certain online purchases, does not apply in the case of event tickets. By purchasing tickets from us, you acknowledge and accept that this exclusion applies. Reselling a ticket is only possible at the same price the ticket was purchased. Organisers need to be informed of each transaction. For more information check the Return and Refund policy. The Organizers may change the number of available tickets of any type Ticket types: Standard (one person) - 1065 EUR (tax included). 73 tickets available. Premium (one person) - 1165 EUR (tax included). 23 tickets available. Premium tickets will be assigned to the hotel rooms of a higher standard or specific form of accommodation (single room or apartment for example) Each ticket includes: 3 nights in the Czocha Castle Hotel 3 days of LAN game with an introductory course hardware infrastructure (desktop computers, LAN network, access to the game), food (breakfasts, dinners, suppers), including a vegetarian/vegan option and other needs, all-day buffet with coffee and tea access to all the Castle rooms and the park a hotel room (1, 2, 3 or 4 beds) with Wi-Fi additional entertainment during the game (such as talks or various demonstration shows, falconry or archery for example) pictures and photographic portraits made by professional photographers and given to the participants in digital form a professional team organising the Event § 5 Admission Procedure. An Admission Procedure will be performed by designed staff members at the venue. Participation in the admission procedure is mandatory. Specific admission stands will be used for the procedure and will be placed close to the Czocha Castle Hotel reception desk. Their exact location will be supplied beforehand by the Organisers. Every participant is required to arrive at the Czocha Castle Hotel reception desk on the 31st of October 2024 between 13:00 and 16:00 CET. Every participant will be supplied with an identification badge. The badge must be worn by all participants from the moment of admission till the end of the Event. Failing to comply with this requirement may result in not being let into the venue. The Organisers may refuse to admit participants who arrive later than 17:00 on 31st October 2024. Such participants will not get a reimbursement. During the admission procedure, participants will be given keys to their rooms. The Organisers inform that the room assignment is decided upon by the Czocha Castle Hotel and therefore, the Organisers cannot guarantee that all the participants' preferences as to the rooms will be met. Participants may be asked to switch rooms should the need arise. § 6 The Event The Event begins on the 31st of October 2024 (Thursday) at 13:00 and ends on the 3rd of November 2024 (Sunday) at 11:00 CET. It takes place at the entire Czocha Castle, with some specific spots, indicated by the Organisers, excluded. During the Event, participants are required to lock the doors to their rooms and leave the keys at the reception desk. Organisers are not liable for any possessions (money, documents etc.) left in the rooms. Organisers are also not liable for anything that happens inside the hotel rooms. On the 31st of October 2024, between 16:00 and 18:30, participants are required to attend a mandatory introduction course and talks. Organisers may allow a participant to be absent from the course as a special exception given a justified reason. During the Event, meals will be served at the times and in the place specified by the Organisers and given in the Event schedule, accessible before and during the Event. The Organisers will supply the participants with free snacks, soft drinks and energy drinks available at all hours. From the moment of arrival till the moment of departure, the Event will be photographed, including individual and group pictures of participants. The Organisers will also take video footage of the Event. These materials will be used for advertising and marketing and will be passed to third parties offering marketing services to the Organisers. § 7 Behaviour during the Event. Expectations. During the Event, the participants are expected to: actively take part in organised activities; actively take part in the Event to the extent of their ability, and come to the Organisers for aid in case of any questions, doubts and problems; use the computers as intended; follows the general safety guidelines (those outlined by the Organisers and those outlined by the owners of the Castle); immediately inform the Organisers of any situations where the terms and conditions of the Event or the laws of the Republic of Poland have been violated; follow the terms and conditions of the Event, especially the safeword rules and other rules of the game presented during the introductory course; follow all the terms and conditions of the Event and of the venue, and all the sub-clauses of those terms; wear the identification badge at all times. Undesirable behaviours: disturbing the peace; violating the rules of the Event (including the rules given during the introductory course) and the safety rules of the Castle; smoking outside the smoking zones and irresponsible use of alcohol leading to disturbing the Event; modifying the computers; putting the computers to use other than the intended; persistently causing disturbances at night. § 8 Safety. During the Event, participants may consume alcohol provided they do so responsibly. Alcohol can be bought at the hotel restaurant. The Organisers may expel a participant who abuses alcohol. Such participants will not be reimbursed. The Organisers may expel a participant who disturbs other participants or the running of the Event. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is only allowed in the smoking zones indicated by the Organisers. Smoking cigarettes in the hotel rooms is forbidden. Czocha Castle absolutely forbids any use of drugs and psychoactive substances. Participants who violate this rule may be expelled from the Event with no reimbursement. There can be a separate security company will be working during the Event. Its employees are allowed to expel a participant from the venue if the participant violates the terms and conditions. The main function of the security team is patrolling the Castle property and keeping out anyone not participating in the Event (with the exception of the hotel staff and other authorised persons). No weapons, dangerous tools or pyrotechnics can be carried during the Event. Should a participant attempt to bring such materials to the Event or be found carrying them, they may be expelled with no reimbursement. Participants are required to read the terms and conditions and to follow them. They are also asked to comply with the requests of the Organisers and staff during the Event. A participant who commits a felony or a crime as defined by Polish Law is automatically expelled from the event. The Organisers will also notify the relevant authorities immediately. § 9 Expelling a Participant and Refusal of Service. The Organisers reserve the right to expel, with no reimbursement, any participant who: behaves aggressively, abuses alcohol in a way that disturbs the Event, is found using drugs or other psychoactive substances, behaves in a way that is racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic; if such behaviours occur continuously, a participant will be asked to stop them, and may be expelled should they fail to comply; discriminates against other participants, Organisers and staff, because of their gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, skin colour etc.; violates the safety rules and the rules of the game, even when reprimanded; commits acts of vandalism; poses a danger to other participants, Organisers or staff; violates the terms and conditions of the Event and the venue terms and conditions given in § 1 point 5. Expelling a participant revokes their participant status. Expelled participants must leave the Czocha Castle immediately. An expelled participant is not eligible for reimbursement of any costs. The Organisers may refuse to provide a service to any participant if they have justified expectations that the person will disturb the experience of the other participants. § 10 Final Clauses. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the perimeter of the Czocha Castle is defined as the entire castle building and the surrounding park areas, whether included in the game or not. During the Event, the participants may use the private parking lot close to the Castle. The parking lot is not under surveillance. The Organisers do not provide transportation to and from the venue. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the event no later than 31st July 2024 if the number of tickets sold by that time is lower than 50. If the Event is cancelled due to low attendance, the Organisers will reimburse the participants or propose a voucher for a similar Event at a different time. The personal experiences of the participants depend on many factors that are beyond the Organiser power to influence, and therefore the Organisers are not liable for any complaints concerning those. The Organisers are not liable for the participant's behaviour. The participants are adults who are fully responsible for their actions. The participants are required to mend any damages they have done during the Event. Should the Organisers remedy such situations, the participant shall cover the recourse claims. These Terms and Conditions come into force as of 10th of June 2024.