Code of Conduct

Safety Policy The safety policy is general and universal to all Ustrońskie Rarytasy Ltd. (henceforward referred to as “Turbolarp”) events and consists of a Code of Conduct and Anti-harassment Policy. In some cases, the specific safety policy for the particular event can be additionally created and will be in force together with the universal Turbolarp safety policy. All participants, organizers, staff, volunteers, documentation crew and any other person that will be present at the event organized by Turbolarp is obligated to follow the safety policy and all of its components. Organizers reserve the right to modify the safety policy if needed. Every participant who is planning to attend the event run by Turbolarp should understand that it is their responsibility to know, understand and abide by the following safety policy and all of its components. Code of Conduct Your content and behavior must not include the performance of, links to, or suggestion of illegal activity when participating in the event. Illegal Activity is as defined by your local and national laws, as well as any international laws. Any type of violence (physical, psychological, sexual, emotional and other) is strictly forbidden. Role-playing that involves any type of violence MUST BE negotiated beforehand with other participants. In some cases, even if consent is granted, role-play based on violent themes can be forbidden at the discretion of Turbolarp, Paradox Interactive or the event sponsors. Any sort of behaviour that can endanger the safety of oneself or others is strictly forbidden. Endangering and destructive behaviour towards people, or suggestion or incitement towards endangering or destructive behavior to other participants or viewers, is forbidden. All participants, members of the team and organisers are expected to follow the anti-harassment policy. Every person attending or working at the event is responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by the anti-harassment policy. Ignorance of the rules of the anti-harassment policy is not an excuse. Everyone can report breaches of this agreement at any time. Every participant, member of the team is expected to set their own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Every person is responsible for clearly communicating their own needs and limits. If the needs, limits and boundaries are not clearly stated, it is not reasonable to assume that others will be aware of the need for respecting them. Please remember to be respectful of others and also use common sense. Clearly stated and freely given consent is crucial in both in-game (role play situation) and out-of-game situations. It is obligatory to ask for consent in a role play situation that will involve other people and involves violent, traumatic, or emotionally intense themes. Lack of response, lack of no or any sort of ambivalent response is not consent. Only freely given and clearly stated “yes” is considered consent. Though Turbolarp and Paradox Interactive encourage players to experience and depict history, this is not a justification for the use of that history to target, mock, denigrate or abuse races, religions or nationalities in the name of role-playing or ‘humor.’ The setting of a game is not an excuse for any hate speech as defined above. Turbolarp and Paradox Interactive welcome criticism, review, and feedback of its products and practices. We will not, however, tolerate personal attacks, calls for harm or harassment campaigns against its staff and employees or against other Paradox and Turbolarp Affiliates. All participants are expected to learn, understand, use and respect in-game safety rules (such as safety mechanisms and safe words). Those rules must be followed at all times. Participants should recognize and respect that there are many different play cultures. Everyone should be aware that definitions of “normal” and “extreme” are different in other cultures. What is acceptable in one (play) culture can be explicitly forbidden in another. Please be respectful and in all cases follow the rules of the specific event. People are more important than the game - emotional safety is more important than maintaining the immersion of the game. We strive to make our events as accessible as possible. Please contact us if you are worried about accessibility issues, and we will try to the best of our abilities to accommodate you. However, we cannot guarantee our ability to meet any and all requests, and reserve the right to decline participation if meeting the request would be unreasonable or detrimental to others’ experiences. Turbolarp reserves the right to remove anyone from the event if they are breaching the rules of the code of conduct. Every participant, member of the team is responsible for reading, understanding and using the Code of Conduct. Stating ignorance is not an excuse. Anti-Harassment Policy Any display of hate speech, harassment, discrimination, discriminatory language, slurs or deliberate off-game bullying is forbidden. Any display of racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic and other discriminatory behaviour is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. Discrimination of other participants, organizers, volunteers and other people present at the event due to their gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexuality, nationality, disability, physical appearance, body size, religion, race etc. is strictly forbidden. Harassment can include: verbal comments that are hurtful towards others and/or reinforce social structures of domination, public display of imagery or clothing associated with hate groups, sexual images or videos in public spaces, unwelcome and unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate physical contact, deliberate intimidation and ignoring boundaries of other people, stalking and recording others without their consent, sustained and deliberate disruption of activities, talks and other event elements. Any person who will break the anti-harassment policy rules despite admonishment from the organizers can be removed from the event channels and participation and loses all rights to the refund of the ticket.